Drinkmate Helps Reduce the Use of Single Use Plastics

Drinkmate Helps Reduce the Use of Single Use Plastics

Did you know that 50% of all plastic produced is for single use purposes? Most plastic is used for just minutes and then gets thrown in the trash.

It’s also scary to know that less than 9% of all plastic gets recycled, according to Plastic Oceans.org. 

This earth day, celebrate by reducing the use of single use plastics. Drinkmate can help you achieve this goal by reducing the amount of bottles and cans you buy at the grocery store.

Did you know one 60L cylinder of Drinkmate carbonated water machines, CO2 saves roughly 169 cans and bottles? Drinkmate can help you save the earth one bottle and can at a time while you sparkle everything with our fizz infuser technology! 

Doing Your Part Has Never Been Easier!

Recycling doesn’t have to be difficult. We make it easy! Drinkmate accepts your empty CO2 cylinders! 

You may be asking yourself – “Can I exchange my Sodastream and SodaSense CO2 cylinders at Drinkmate?” Yes!

Send back our empty cylinders for a coupon to use towards your next purchase! Our exchange process can be done online in a few short steps, without having to drive to the store to get your CO2 refilled.

Save the Earth with Drinkmate!

Help save the planet and start sparkling with Drinkmate! Drink more sparkling water! Create unique carbonated beverages at home. Turn water, juice, iced tea, cocktails, wine, and more into delicious carbonated drinks! With Drinkmate, you can create new sparkling drinks never before possible. 

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