Drinkmate CO2 Supplies / Exchange

Drinkmate CO2 Supplies / Exchange

Buy CO2 Supplies for Drinkmate, SodaStream, Aarke, and iSoda machines. Drinkmate carbonator cylinders come filled with food grade CO2. They are made of durable aluminum to US DOT standards. Keep at least 3 cylinders on hand so you don't run out.

We’ll take back your empty Drinkmate cylinders. We clean, inspect, refill, and reuse them. We automatically include a prepaid return label on all new CO2 pack orders. Just reuse the shipping box and apply the supplied label to exchange your old cylinders.

Don't have a return label?

Just email sales@idrinkproducts.com with your name, address, and the size/quantity of cylinders you’re returning.

We’ll email you a prepaid return shipping label. Use our return label to send back your empty cylinders. When we receive them, we’ll email you a gift card rebate for your next purchase.

Return two 60L (14.5 oz) CO2 cylinders,
get a $25 rebate card
Return two 10L (3 oz) CO2 cylinders,
get a $15 rebate card
Return six 10L (3 oz) CO2 cylinders,
get a $54 rebate card

For Drinkmate CO2 MSDS information, click here.

Ready to ship your cylinders? Click here for packing instructions.

Add sparkle to almost any drink!

Turn water, juice, iced tea, cocktails, wine, and more into delicious carbonated drinks! With Drinkmate, you can create new sparkling drinks never before possible. You can avoid excessive sugar and harmful chemicals while helping the environment with returnable CO2 cylinders.