CO2 Exchange

Stock Up on More Bubbles!

We will pay you for empty CO2 cylinders! We clean, inspect, refill, and reuse them. We also accept Sodastream and Sodasense 60L cylinders in our exchange program. 

We automatically include a prepaid return label with all orders containing more than one CO2 cylinder. Once you have two or more empty cylinders, reuse the shipping box, and apply the provided return label to start a CO2 exchange

Have two or more empty cylinders, but need a return box & prepaid label? Click here.

Have a box, but need a prepaid shipping label? Email with your name, address, and the size/quantity of cylinders you’re returning. We will email you a prepaid return shipping label. 

Use our prepaid return label to send back your empty cylinders. Please fill out the provided blue slip with your name and email address clearly written, or include a note with this info. When we receive them, we will email you a gift card rebate for your next purchase.

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Rebate Amounts

 60L Cylinders

Return two 60L (14.5 oz) CO2 cylinders,
get a $25 rebate

Return three 60L (14.5 oz) CO2 cylinders,
get a $37.50 rebate

Return four 60L (14.5 oz) CO2 cylinders,
get a $50 rebate


 10L (3oz) Cylinders

Return two 10L (3 oz) CO2 cylinders,
get a $15 rebate
Return six 10L (3 oz) CO2 cylinders,
get a $54 rebate 

 You can return both 10L and 60L cylinders in an exchange.

We just ask you return at least two cylinders in total. (Ex. one 10L and one 60L= $20 rebate)

 8g Cartridges

Click here for more info.

Cylinder Packing Instructions

Follow these quick instructions to pack your cylinders safely and efficiently:

Step One:

Be sure your cylinders are completely empty by pressing the top pin with a blunt tool to release any remaining CO2. Do not mark, write on, or in anyway alter the cylinder.

Step Two:

Place your empty cylinders securely in the provided return box. Need a box? 

Step Three:



  Step Four:

Apply prepaid return label. Drop your package off at any location that accepts outbound packages.

Click here to find a UPS drop off location near you! 
Click here to find a FedEx location near you!

         If you were provided a USPS return label, you can drop it right in your mailbox, or hand it to the post driver!

*Check your 'Promotions' folder if you aren't seeing the gift card in your main inbox!*

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