CO2 Exchange Shipping Instructions

Cylinder Packing Instructions

Follow these quick instructions to pack your cylinders safely and efficiently:
Step One:
Be sure your cylinders are completely empty by pressing the top pin with a blunt tool to release any remaining CO2.
Do not mark, write on, or in anyway alter the cylinder!
 *Any cylinders showing any signs of damage or abuse are never to be included in a return.*

Step Two:
Place your empty cylinders securely in the provided return box. Please include a slip with your name and email clearly printed. Need a box? Click here.

Step Three:
**If your return package has any of the following included, or you do not have an authorized return box, click here to get one. **

  Step Four:

Apply prepaid return label. Please take a picture, or write down your tracking number incase there are any unexpected delays.

How do I ship it?

Click here to find a UPS drop off location near you! 
Click here to find a FedEx location near you!
Click here to find a USPS location, or hand it to your post driver! 
Still have questions? Email us:

Tips for a Successful Exchange!

  • Check your 'Promotions' folder if you aren't seeing the coupon in your main inbox!
  • Fill out the provided blue slip with your name and email address clearly written, or include a note with this info.
  • Take a picture or write down your tracking number just incase there are any unexpected delays. 

DOT/CO2 Safety Information:

DOT-SP 16504 - U.S. D.O.T. Special Permit
*DOT-SP 16504 provides relief from Hazmat processing*
TU 0834 - Transport Canada Permit

Emergency Contact Number:


AMBIPAR #10440
(Formerly PERS) 

Customer Service Number (Toll Free)


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