Fizz the Season!

Fizz the Season!

Great for holiday parties, winter brunches with the girls, or to sip by a warm fire, these cocktails are sure to fizz the season!

Autumn Harvest Rum Punch


8 cups apple cider

1 frozen orange juice concentrate

2 cups cranberry juice

1 cup pear juice/nectar

2 cups spiced rum

½ bottle white wine

Sliced oranges, apples, and pears

Frozen cranberries

Cinnamon sticks

Add all ingredients to large pitcher to mix thoroughly. Then pour your mixture into your Drinkmate and carbonate! Refrigerate for at least 1 hour before serving. To make it a mocktail, swap the spiced rum and white wine with ginger ale or a lemon lime soda. View the recipe here.

Vanilla Cranberry Mimosa


1 ½ ounces of vanilla flavored vodka

1 ½ ounces of cranberry juice

and your favorite white wine.

Combine all ingredients in your Drinkmate and carbonate! Shake and strain into a champagne flute to enjoy! View the recipe here.

Jingle Juice


Whipped Vodka


Cherry 7-up

Combine all ingredients in your Drinkmate and carbonate! Toss in some cranberries for garnish and voila! A great festive drink for you to enjoy over the holidays. View the recipe here.

The Drinkmate Carbonated Water Maker Makes the Perfect Gift!

The Drinkmate countertop or the instaFizz is the perfect gift for everyone on your list! If someone you know has been wanting to get healthier or loves to bartend, it’s the perfect gift. Put a new spin on your favorite cocktail or mocktail. Be creative and start carbonating today!

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