Why Carbonate with a Drinkmate Soda Machine?

Why Carbonate with a Drinkmate Soda Machine?

Did you know that April 22nd is Earth Day? Do you want to contribute to a healthier environment?

Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970, organized by Senator Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin. April 22nd was chosen because it fell between spring break and final exams, and Nelson wanted to maximize university student participation—and it worked!

Now, Earth Day is recognized as the largest secular movement in the world. Over 190 countries observe it, and roughly 1 billion people take action every year. (earthday.org)

How Do Drinkmate Products Contribute?

Using a Drinkmate OmniFizz soda machine is an easy and effective way to help our planet. 

We all know the importance of limiting our packaging waste; many of us already carry a refillable water bottle to work every day. It can be unbearably boring to drink only flat water and nothing else—which is why we buy plastic bottles of soda, juice, and other flavorful beverages.

It’s not wrong to want to have a drink other than plain water, which is why Drinkmate makes a soda machine that can carbonate any beverage—yes, water, but also everything else!

By using Drinkmate products to create your own delightfully fizzy beverages, you can limit your plastic consumption and bottle waste, helping out both the planet and your grocery bill. Did you know one 60L cylinder of CO2 saves roughly 169 cans and bottles? Drinkmate can help you save the earth one bottle and can at a time while you sparkle everything with our fizz infuser technology! 

Doing Your Part Has Never Been Easier!

Recycling doesn’t have to be difficult. We make it easy! Drinkmate accepts your empty CO2 cylinders! 

You may be asking yourself – “Can I exchange my Sodastream and SodaSense CO2 cylinders at Drinkmate?” Yes!

Send back your empty cylinders for a coupon to use towards your next purchase! Our exchange process can be done online in a few short steps, without having to drive to the store to get your CO2 refilled.

Drinkmate OmniFizz Soda Machines Provide the Best of Both Worlds

When you use a Drinkmate product to create a unique drink, you can have fun keeping up with healthy hydration and reduce your plastic waste. This year, celebrate Earth Day by treating yourself to a Drinkmate OmniFizz soda machine. It’s for you AND for Mother Earth! Start shopping now!

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