Drinkmate – A Healthy Alternative to Store Bought Sodas

Drinkmate – A Healthy Alternative to Store Bought Sodas

Do you want to drink more water?

Now is as good a time as any to ditch the soda and start sparkling your water at home with the Drinkmate home soda machine!

Benefits of sparkling water are endless!

Helps an upset stomach – sparkling water contains sodium bicarbonate, a mineral that can help settle an upset stomach. You’ll find this in many over-the-counter antacids and stomach tablets.

Reduce morning sickness – sipping on cold water in the morning may help you feel less queasy. Add a little ginger, which is known to reduce nausea.

Weight loss – you’ll feel full longer by drinking sparkling water because of the bubbles. Many people find that sparkling water works miracles as an appetite suppressant. Sugary sodas can actually increase your appetite, so give this a try instead! 

Save Money – save money on your grocery bill by ditching single use containers. Soda can be expensive and run up your grocery bill.

Now Available – Drinkmate Premium Italian Syrups! 

Spice up your drink routine with Drinkmate Premium Italian Syrups. Your sparkling drink options are endless with our 6 flavors: Blood Orange, Sorrento Lemonade, Mojito Mocktail, Ginger and Lemon, Pink Grapefruit, and an Energy Drink mix.

All syrups are manufactured in Italy with the following features:

  • Made from Premium Italian ingredients
  • 17oz (500ml), low calories, low sugar (cane sugar), made with natural flavors
  • Icy-effect bottle reflects sun-light to keep a 2-year shelf life

Saint Patrick’s Day is Just Around the Corner!

Sparkle the holiday with a glass of wine! Add a little green food coloring and feel like a Leprechaun. If your green beer happens to go flat, you can re-carbonate it with your Drinkmate!

Stay Hydrated by Drinking More Water with Drinkmate! 

Know what’s going in your drinks when they’re made at home. No artificial flavors or colorings. Add fresh ingredients like fresh lime, lemons, or any fruit to add natural flavoring. The Drinkmate countertop is available in a variety of stylish colors to match your other kitchen appliances.

Add a little sparkle to your life with Drinkmate, the home soda machineShop now!

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