Carbonate Any Drink with the instaFizz Stainless-Steel Water Bottle!

Carbonate Any Drink with the instaFizz Stainless-Steel Water Bottle!

instaFizz is the world's first stainless-steel water bottle that can carbonate water, or virtually any drink!  For healthy hydration on the go, add some sparkle to your life with instaFizz. And yes, it carbonates almost ANY cold drink! 

Help the planet

Tired of wasting plastic water bottles and cans? Help save the planet with instaFizz! Why go to the store for more plastic water bottles when this handy water bottle can be reused again and again?


Take the instaFizz on the go! At the beach, park, on a hike, work or travel – this water bottle will never go out of style. The instaFizz features a carry ring for an easy hold.

Carbonate Anything on the Go!

You can carbonate just about anything you can think of with the Drinkmate instaFizz! Water, lemonade, wine, vodka, beer, you name it! Don’t believe us? Just try it for yourself!

Perfect for your weekend getaway, camping, hiking in the woods, road tripping with your friends or at a backyard barbeque. You’ll be happy you can take your favorite carbonated drink on the go, wherever you are.

Don’t throw away your empties! 

The instaFizz is powered by 8gm C02 cartridges and each one will sparkle one bottle at a time. These cartridges are made with 100% recyclable steel but aren’t refillable like our other CO2 cartridges.  

If you’re unable to recycle at home, please consider mailing in your empties with a pre-paid postage envelope and Drinkmate will take care of the rest. 

Contact for more information. 

Add Sparkle to Your Life with the Drinkmate instaFizz!

Add a little sparkle to your life with instaFizz! 

To get started, shop here and choose from four different colors; green, blue, white, or black. Don’t forget to add on an insulated sleeve to your purchase to keep the cold freshness lasting longer! 

Browse some fantastic recipes and imagine yourself sipping one made from the best soda maker around. 

Enhance the way you drink water with the Drinkmate instaFizz carbonated water maker!

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