You’ll Love This Soda Maker in 2021

You’ll Love This Soda Maker in 2021

There are many reasons to switch to a home carbonation machine and, with Drinkmate, the decision is easy!

#1 Not just another carbonated water maker. The Drinkmate will carbonate anything! Not all carbonation machines are created equal. Drinkmate will carbonate juice, coffee, tea, flat beer or soda, even liquor!

#2 Takes up very little space on your kitchen counter. It doesn’t require the use of electricity, so you can easily store it in a kitchen cabinet when not in use.

#3 Convenient for on the go! Enjoy refreshing sparkling water wherever you are with the Drinkmate instaFizz stainless-steel carbonation water bottle.

#4 Environmentally-friendly! Stop buying canned sparkling beverages at the grocery store and start making your own at home. Our CO2 canisters are also 100% recyclable.

#5 Our CO2 is interchangeable to all brands! Have a different home carbonation device? Chances are that our CO2 will fit your other devices! 

#6 Easy Online CO2 Exchange Program. Out of CO2? No problem! Our CO2 exchange program is easy and simple! Visit our how-to guide here.

#7 Be the hit at every party in 2021 with Drinkmate! Add a new refreshing twist to any cocktail or mocktail by adding fizz!

#8 Improve your personal health in the New Year! Did you make a resolution to lose weight? Drinkmate can help you cut out added sugars in beverages you drink every day. Control what goes in your drinks by creating unique beverages at home.

Experience the Difference!

Plain water can be tasteless and flat. Sparkling beverages create a refreshing twist to your favorite beverages. With Drinkmate, you can carbonate almost anything your heart desires … juice, coffee, wine and more! The possibilities are endless!

Add Sparkle to Your Life with the Drinkmate!

Add a little sparkle to your life with Drinkmate! Shop now!

Browse some fantastic recipes and imagine yourself sipping one made from the best soda maker around. 

Enhance the way you drink water with the Drinkmate instaFizz carbonated water maker! Or order our Drinkmate countertop! Available in a variety of stylish colors and kits to suit your needs. 

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