Save the Earth with Drinkmate!

Save the Earth with Drinkmate!

Did you know that 80% of plastic bottles never get recycled? 38 million plastic bottles go to landfill each year in America alone. 

Did you know each 60L cylinder of Drinkmate CO2 can save more than 150 plastic bottles? 

Help save the planet and start sparkling with Drinkmate! Drink more sparkling water! Create unique carbonated beverages at home.

What You Need to Know About Our CO2 Canisters!

  1. Interchangeable with SodaStream, Aarke and SodaSense brands.
  2. Made from durable aluminum to US DOT standards.
  3. Drinkmate canisters come filled with food grade CO2.
  4. We pay for empty cylinders! We clean, inspect, refill and reuse old canisters to decrease the earth carbon footprint.
  5. Save the planet one canister at a time!

Drinkmate CO2 exchange program is easy and simple! 

  1. We pay for shipping, and provide you a credit for the empties!
  2. All orders with 2 or more cylinders automatically come with a prepaid return label
  3. Use your credit to order more filled CO2 on

Have empty cylinders?

We can accept Sodastream cylinders in our exchange

Need a box? Get a specially designed Drinkmate Return box here, which will come with a prepaid return label

Have a box already, but need a label? Email with your name, address, and how many cylinders you have to get the process started.

Add Sparkle to Almost Any Drink! 

Turn water, juice, iced tea, cocktails, wine, and more into delicious carbonated drinks! With Drinkmate, you can create new sparkling drinks never before possible. You can avoid excessive sugar and harmful chemicals while helping the environment with returnable CO2 canisters.

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