Carbonate Booze with Drinkmate!

Carbonate Booze with Drinkmate!

Carbonate booze! 

Don’t believe us? Just try it! You won’t regret your decision. 

Have a shortage of White Claw in your fridge? Low on your favorite sparkling wine? No problem!

Are you skeptical about carbonating booze?

It can give your favorite cocktail a new twist! The slow hiss from your Drinkmate carbonation machine means you’re about to have a drink to savor!

Miss going to the bars like you used to?

Things likely won’t be the same for a while, so why not try new combinations of your own cocktails at home!

“It gives you the opportunity to try new combinations! If someone doesn’t like it then they can try mixing a different cocktail.”

Jennifer, Northville

Have flavored vodka at home? Just add a little vodka and water to your Drinkmate, then sparkle away! You’ll never have to go to the store again or pay endless bottle return fees because you’ve run out of your favorite drink.

Be creative and get healthy. Avoid sugar. Add fizz to anything!

Our specially engineered system lets you carbonate almost any drink. Now you can easily add tasty sparkle to water, juice, iced tea, cocktails, wine, and more! With Drinkmate, you can be creative and explore new sparkling drinks that weren't even possible to make before.  And you control what goes in them, so you can avoid excessive sugar and harmful chemicals.

Want to know more?

Check out these drink recipes on our site for healthy and fun beverage ideas you can create with your own carbonation machine. We think that once you start, you won’t want to stop.

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