Make Fewer Grocery Store Trips with Drinkmate!

Make Fewer Grocery Store Trips with Drinkmate!

Tired of recycling bottles and cans?

Did you accumulate a mountain of bottles during lockdown?

Did you run out of room to store your bottles?

How would you like to make fewer trips to the grocery store?

We’ve got the solution for you! Drinkmate - The Best Soda Maker! Carbonate any beverage with the convenience of doing it right at home without the hassle of storing your empties and waiting in line to return your bottles.

Drinkmate takes the legwork out of spending extra money on high sugar beverages that add to your waistline and give you a headache lugging them back to the store.

If you run out of your favorite carbonated beverage, you can carbonate anything at home – like your favorite juice – and turn it into your new favorite fizzy beverage!

Some states collect unclaimed deposits, known as escheat. In most cases, 75% of the money goes towards cleanup and redevelopment, and the other 25% is returned to retailers. 

If your state has a similar bottle return policy in place, that’s money you could have lost out on if you continue to buy bottles and cans. Kick the habit! You don’t have to worry about losing out on money when you switch to Drinkmate!

Easy Online CO2 Exchange Program

Out of CO2? No problem! Our CO2 exchange program is easy and simple! 

How Does the Exchange Program Work?

We automatically include a prepaid return label with all CO2 pack orders! 

  1. Reuse the shipping box
  2. Apply the provided label to exchange your empties
  3. We’ll give you a rebate with all CO2 exchanges

Our CO2 is interchangeable to all brands! Have a different home carbonation device? Chances are that our CO2 will fit your other devices just as easy. Have a question about CO2? Email us at for more information.

For packing instructions, visit our quick how to guide.

Better for you, and better for the environment!

Add a little sparkle to your life! To get started, shop here or browse some fantastic recipes and imagine yourself sipping one made from the best soda maker around. 

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