How Much Money Does Drinkmate REALLY Save You?

How Much Money Does Drinkmate REALLY Save You?

Have you ever wondered how much your OmniFizz saves you? Down to the exact dollar…? The carbonated water section continues to grow, and the prices of popular beverages are rising. But just how much can you save with Drinkmate? Hold onto your infuser caps, folks, as we're about to embark in the financial fizz.

Drinkmate vs. La Croix - A sip-by-sip savings comparison

Let's first shed light on the costs behind some of the popular store-bought carbonated water. As delicious as some of these sparkling water brands are…they can get extremely expensive. Let's use La Croix as an example, and calculate how much it would cost every year. Let’s say you drink 2 La Croix’s a day, it turns out a pack of 18 cans (9 days of drinks) will set you back around $27.

La Croix
Total Carbonated Liquid in Liters, in a year: 230 Liters
(30 days in a month, 27$ * 3 = $81 a month)
($81 month * 12 months)
Total Cost in a year: $972

Total Carbonated Liquid in Liters, in a year: 300 Litres
(OmniFizz ULTIMATE BUNDLE = $190 Includes 3 60L cylinders)
(3 60L Exchange $35 Coupon top up every 6 months with coupon = $53)
Total Cost in a year: $243

If you're drinking a bottle of store-bought sparkling water every day, even at a conservative estimate, the costs add up. With Drinkmate, after the initial investment, your main cost is tap water and CO2 refills, resulting in delicious drinks and HUGE annual savings.

Environmentally-Friendly Savings

With Drinkmate, you're not just saving money – you're also saving our planet. Reducing your consumption of single-use plastic bottles contributes to a healthier environment. This eco-friendly choice doesn't directly save you money, but it certainly makes the investment in a Drinkmate feel even more worthwhile. We hope you can join us on our mission.

Savings Through Delicious Drinks

With the OmniFizz, you're not restricted to sparkling water alone. Imagine carbonating your favorite fruit juice, tea, or even wine at no additional cost. This diversification of beverages brings a new level of excitement to your drink options without adding to your grocery bill.

Health Savings With Every Fizz

 Traditional sodas might taste delicious in the moment, but they can lead to long-term health issues. By taking control of what goes into your sparkling drinks with Drinkmate, you're choosing a healthier lifestyle. No more compromising… and enjoy your favorite bubbly beverages without all the additional sugars.

Continue To Save Your Health & Your Wallet!

Drinkmate isn't just another “Soda Maker” – it's an investment in your health, the environment, and most importantly, your wallet. So finally, say goodbye to the ongoing costs of store-bought sparkling drinks and say yes to the incredible savings with Drinkmate!

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