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Can a Sparkling Water Maker Help Save the Planet?

Are you concerned about global warming and other environmental issues? Does bottle and can waste drive you crazy? Do you wish you could do more to help our planet? Read more about how using Drinkmate or the Drinkmate Spritzer can help!  

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Add Sparkle to Virtually Any Drink with the Drinkmate Soda Maker!

Like us, you've probably tried just about every kind of bottled soda from the stores. Some are good, some are so-so. Our customers have told us what they like and what they have struggled with, and we've listened. Some of the issues they've mentioned to us are things like:  "Is there a way to save money on sparkling water from the store?"  "Can I add carbonation to other drinks besides water?"  Or sometimes just really simple questions like: "How can I cut down on sugar?"  Or "Can I help the environment by cutting down on bottles and cans?" Convenience and...

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